Are Hydrocarbons NOT Fossil Fuels? Do Carbon Emissions NOT Cause Global Warming? Tucker Tackles TABOO Subject, Tells How These Substances Were Found on Saturn’s Moon

Gateway Pundit

Objections against oil and other carbon based energy sources are usually articulated along two lines: the first is that these would be fossil fuels, generated by age-old decaying dinosaurs and plants etc – and therefore a finite source about to run out. The second and more recent argument is that human carbon emissions are causing global warming.

And so a war on oil and gas was unleashed – and the two assumptions above have been taken for absolute gospel never, ever to be questioned in any forum.

The problem is: there’s this guy Tucker Carlson, the most famous American TV host and journalist – and he knows no taboo anymore, ever since he got out of Fox News to build his own media initiative.

On Episode 62 of ‘Tucker on X’ – Tucker had the audacity of hosting Dr. Willie Soon to talk about the forbidden topic: “If fossil fuels come from fossils, why have scientists found them on one of Saturn’s moons?” 

That’s the kind of story that gets you labeled as a ‘flat-earther’ of sorts. But the argument is compelling.

Once it has become established, the uncontroversial fact that hydrocarbons have been found in Saturn’s moon Titan – and both NASA and the European Space Agency confirm that – there has to be an adjustment of the ‘theory’ (propaganda?).

If hydrocarbons are not ‘fossil fuel’, what other process is creating them? Is this process not renewable? Read more