Your Land Belongs to you

Property rights equals liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Empowering land owners and citizens to stand against land grabs for private gain

The Free Soil Foundation was founded by grassroots individuals from across the Midwest who wanted to limit government power and give it back to the local people. The purpose of this foundation is simply to empower local citizens to act dutifully as The United States Constitution directs.


This is the green New deal versus the family farm

Free Soil Foundation was born out of the passion of several individuals who saw the dangers of eminent domain being used for private company gains. Under their direction, Free Soil Foundation formed and is working to inform the public of big corporations' potential property grabs and inform legislators to take a stand against eminent domain being used to steal personal property.

Iowa Congressman Steve King (Ret.) spent his career standing up for the rights of citizens. He is a founding member of the Free Soil Foundation and believes if we lose this fight against eminent and CO2 pipeline companies it will just be a matter of time for land grabs for any reason.

It must be stopped now!

Call To Action


Call, Write & Invite

Call your county supervisors and demand they write a rejection to the carbon pipelines via eminent domain.  Write letters to editors, and attend local events.


Email & post on social media

Contact your state senators, representatives and governors and demand they take a stand against eminent domain for private gain.



Legislators need to hear your objections. Get on the phone, inundate them with emails and letters. Write letters to national newspapers.


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