The Fight to Save the Family Farm and America

The Burning Platform
By: Justin Smith, June 6, 2024

If there’s ever been a thing that could end America, it’s this climate change lunacy that seems to have wormed its way into the brains of all the fools of the country, which are surprising large in number, and just enough to give the Biden regime its justification for pursuing national suicide in this manner.

Lord, hasn’t America drifted far since the days of my youth, when the world seemed so beautiful and sweet. Summers and holidays spent on my Grandfather’s Old Home Place, a hundred acre farm in Levasy, West Virginia, were purely wonderful, even as a teen when GranPa Spurge would slap a scythe in my hand and set me to work cutting acres of grass from dusk to dawn. It had apple trees, cherry trees, rabbits, groundhogs, deer, cattle, chickens, and sheep, too, along with a constant spring and a well. I could walk the land all day and never go hungry or thirsty, gorging myself on apples, cherries and blackberries, as I kept an eye out for the timber rattlers.

At day’s end and returning to the main house, the smells were incredible and all mixed together. One never knew if one was going to be greeted with a fine spread of chicken, yams and other side dishes or beef and mashed potatoes and squash, along with pumpkin, cherry or apple pies, or perhaps the blackberry cobbler GranMa Ila was famous for preparing in seven counties. All part of a beautiful summer. Read more