Letter to Iowa House and Senate & County Supervisors by FSF Board Member

Good Morning Senators and House Members,

Hardworking Iowans need your help.  The CO2 Pipeline companies are not listening to the concerns of the counties!  Instead of working with the counties on ordinances and resolutions that promote safety and property rights issues, they have brought litigation to some of those counties!  The board of supervisors and the folks who are resisting the hazardous liquid CO2 pipelines need their legislators to stand behind the rule of law and the constitution, both federal and state and help them resist the illegal eminent domain land grab of hardworking Iowans.  These proposed pipelines are being steamrolled throughout Iowa, and against the wishes of many Iowans, with the help of many legislators, governors and ex-governors of midwestern states, powerful folks with global influence, secretary of ag, ex-ambassadors, the UN and their plan for Sustainable goals, the World Economic Forum and federal tax credit structures that the inflation reduction act has placed on carbon sequestration processes.

Every elected member of the general assembly has taken an OATH to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Great State of Iowa and you all are the government of ‘We the People’ and not a government of the corporate fat cats and their lobby that fight for favorable legislation that protect corporate interest against ‘We the People’.  Please honor your oath of office and do not assist in the trampling of our God given unalienable rights found in the Bill of Rights, specifically the 5th amendment takings clause, the public use clause and the due process clause of the 14th amendment and our Iowa state constitution and it’s convenient and necessary clause protecting us against eminent domain abuse.  Please unite and fight for hard working Iowans and pass legislation that protects the landowners and counties against the transgression by the Iowa Utilities Board, an unelected board, and the many folks that are working against the people to bring the boondoggle of these pipelines to our Great State of Iowa.

Many more dockets are showing up on the IUB website to support the expansion of the boondoggle.  Are the many new parcels and the landowners involved, are they going to get their constitutional due process to resist these pipelines and eminent domain abuse?  Will there be more IUB hearings?  Please get involved in the process and protects the people.  We need a moratorium and halt these pipeline from being moved forward.

**Please see the email that was sent out to many board of supervisors across the state.

We need your assistance and your steadfast commitment to stand in solidarity with landowners.


Robert Nazario

Hardin County

***Sent to Many Board of Supervisors.

Good Morning BOS,

As many of you know,  Poet and Summit Carbon have announced a Carbon Capture Partnership.

See the following article: https://poet.com/pr/poet-and-summit-carbon-solutions-announce-carbon-capture-partnership.

In addition to that, Valero has also agreed to a partnership: https://iowacapitaldispatch.com/2024/03/05/summit-wants-to-add-340-pipeline-miles-in-iowa/

Our precious farmland/private property is under attack.  These pipeline projects seem to want to steamroll of the jurisdiction of the counties.  They look for nothing but compliance.

It is time to enact tougher ordinances to keep your counties safe and stand against eminent domain abuse.   Our State and Federal Constitutions have protections against eminent domain abuse through the takings clause in the 5th amendment and/or our state constitution with the fact that these pipelines are not convenient or necessary.

Many counties have enacted ordinances in are being sued by Summit and or the ordinances are in place.  I am asking that you share these with the other counties or send them to me and I will share.

It is time to reach out to the counties that are fighting the encroachments and loss of local jurisdiction. I have previously sent Franklin Counties proposed zoning ordinance dated 1/2/24 and it may give some ideas to BOS and what they can do locally.

Other counties are jumping into the fray, we are stronger in numbers.  It may not affect your county right now but down the road it might.

Free Soil Foundation will be having an Information Rally March 15th 6:30 – 8:30 in Waverly at the Waverly Area Veterans Post

1300 4th Street NW, Waverly, lowa 50677… Snacks / Refreshments will be provided.Come join us to hear from the folks on the front line in this battle against corporate greed and their partners to take away private

property from hard working lowans or threaten the use of eminent domain during negotiations..

Some of the speakers lined up for this event include the following:

  • Doug Campbell, Iowa Senate Candidate, District 30 will be Emcee
  • Corey Cerwinske, Supervisor, Bremer County
  • Sandy Salmon, lowa Senator, Dist. 29
  • Charley Thomson, lowa Representative, Dist 58,
  • Doyle Turner, Subject Matter Expert
  • Jess Mazour, lowa Sierra Club conservation program coordinator
  • Kim Junker, Central Iowa Farmer, Affected Landowner

Thank you,

Robert Nazario

Hardin County