Cowering before Carbon

There is no greater transfer of wealth from poor to rich than this scam.

This week and next I am running 3-5 minutes reads that pick apart the reason for the failing economy for the bottom 70%. As Dr. Peter St. Onge  says, the bottom 9 rungs on the ladder have been knocked out. These essays describe why, and how, if fixed, the economy will soar. I am taking ten days off the cortisol carousel, because the next six months are going to be busy. And awesome. And pivotal in world history. Back on Saturday, the 14th.

Also this is a farewell to the environmental file. I have written about this in depth for the past 20 years, one book, four in depth policy papers and hundreds upon hundreds of essays. I have been writing for Michael Walsh’s, which attempts to take down the environmental junta, and I found I don’t have much more to say. Will keep up with any more developments. In any case you will be receiving five minute reads on this heart-breaking mistake over the next ten days. Read them, file them, ignore them. They will be here whenever you want. Or to send to your family and friends who don’t understand the threat.


Despite turning this back this spring, South Dakota continues to be under attack by a freshly born green corporation, Summit Carbon Solutions, funded by China’s Belt and Road initiative, and you, through the Green New Deal provisions buried in the last debt ceiling deal, to pipe “carbon,” from the oil fields to some obscure part of the Dakotas and bury it. The “people” may “rise up” and demand it be shuttered, and all they do is crawl away and try again.

There can be no more stupid waste of money than this. But even some of our bravest politicians, including Kristi Noem, Pierre Poilivere and Danielle Smith in Canada cower before the almighty (anti-)carbon lobby and rabbit on about sequestering it. It is an industry into which thieves flood because it means you loot the public purse at the beginning through Green New Deal giveaways, and then for all perpetuity because of the tax advantage. People have been so scarified by the word, they do not know what it means anymore, they nod enthusiastically. Read more